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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Car Accidents

Every time I watch the news, there are always vehicle accidents that are being reported. It's really horrifying. Most cases involve drunk drivers or vehicles driving through accident prone areas. Lives lost because of being plainly irresponsible or just a victim of misfortune. The family who were left behind carry the pain and the suffering. What about those who don't have enough money and cannot bring justice to the death of their loved ones? They're lucky if their cases will be handled by a Tacoma car accident lawyer. But what if not? It will truly be devastating.

Just recently, when I chatted with my cousin Lainy through YM, she told me that one of our cousins (her name is Janet) has also met a vehicle accident. Thankfully she wasn't badly hurt. She just got some bruises but it was traumatic for sure. I just can't imagine a family member, even a relative to be a victim of this tragedy. God forbid it won't happen to us.

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