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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Common Illness of Call Center Agents

My cousin Michelle puked at work today. She went to the doctor yesterday. She's not pregnant but she was diagnosed of having Urinary Track Infection. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic with high dosage which I think caused her to puke at work while she was on the phone with a customer. She wasn't able to run to the rest room. Good thing she didn't make a mess on the call floor which isn't made of stainless steel tiles but with an expensive carpet. Her mug which doesn't have water at the time caught all her mess. It would have been more embarrassing if she didn't have that mug at her desk.

She got the infection because she's used to repressing herself from going to the rest room when she's supposed to. Urinary Track Infection is a common illness that most call center agents acquire. I just hope I won't suffer from it. Antibiotics cause a lot of money. I really can't afford to get sick!

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