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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Excited About My Laptop

This is really is it! lol! I will finally buy my laptop tomorrow. I have enough money already so it's high time for me to buy my dream portable computer!

I really haven't decided on what brand I'm going to choose. What is important is it has enough memory. Why bother about that when there's online backup that I can use? Anyway, we'll see tomorrow. As long as I have my own computer and won't have to go to internet cafes to blog. I can finally just blog whenever I want!

My colleague recommended a computer shop managed by his sister. He said that his sister might give me discounted price since he have already mentioned it to her about my plan of buying a laptop. I was pleased since I really would want it cheaper, ya know!

I'm just excited. And I can't hide it! Lol!

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