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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excited About What?

I went to jog this morning. It was tiring but it's alright because I was able to burn some calories. What I just didn't like was when I turned to a dark street, I stepped on a poop. The sun hasn't come out yet when I started jogging that's why I didn't see the poop on the way. This is one of the things I don't like when running. Maybe I should take a diet supplement instead? Lemme think about it, though.

I was scheduled to buy my laptop today but then I have to have the internet connection scheduled first. The woman I spoke with said that it's gonna take a week or 2 weeks the most to have the ISP connected. That long, huh? I don't have a choice but to wait. I'll try to buy the portable tomorrow if I have the time. I'm excited about my laptop!

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