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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Trick or Treat for Kids

I went to our company's Halloween party for the kids yesterday at Glorrieta 5. Of course I didn't go there to join the kids. I went there to see my colleague's cute little ones.

The children were fascinated by the magician when I got there. I just love looking at those curious eyes while the magician does his tricks. I also was fascinated.

I met the cute kids and get to play with them. I just love kids, you know. My colleagues kept teasing me to have one of my own. Duh! As much as I love to, it might take years from now. I gotta get myself a boyfriend and get married first. Lol! It's gonna take long before I can have my own baby!

Me and Baby Justin - the cute bat!

The moms and their kids

Pretty Julie, Lajon and Me

Yesterday was super fun!

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