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Friday, October 9, 2009

I hope they'd be back on track...

I just got home from San Clemente, Tarlac. The 5-hour bus ride was tiring but it's alright because we got home safe. We didn't have much of a good time there because the rain didn't stop falling. The typhoon still hasn't ceased yet especially in the Northern part of Luzon.

It was so cold there so most of the time, if not playing with the kids inside the house, I'm on the bed wrapped in a blanket and try as much as possible to keep myself warm. Haha! It was just rain that's pouring outside, not snow. I can't imagine myself being able to survive living in countries that gets covered with snow during the winter.

Anyway, when I got online, there were bigger bad news. My mentors in blogging, Lainy and Windy just made posts about them leaving blogging for real. It made me really sad. They're actually leaving for health reasons which I completely understand. It's just that I will really miss them both. They were the once who have encouraged me to blog even though there were times that I was about to give up. But their health definitely should come first.

Let's hope that after their recovery, they'd be back on track.


Rare Recel said...

uu nga eh, sobrand nakaka-sad that Lainy followed Windy's track. Ako nga magla-lie low lang once I get home, eh sila complete stop talaga. I hope they'll blog again, too!

Bill said...

Yeah i will miss them also Ally. I heard Lainey wanted you to take over her blog but you did not want to. Hmmmm. I wish them both all the best and hope that there health will blossom now and maybe one day they will return. We can only hope right? See ya :-)

ally said...

Rare Recel,

Hi sis! don't worry, everything's taken care of. I'll be taking over 2 of lainy's blogs. she'll just take a rest from blogging. she'll be back as soon as she's ready to blog again. With Windy, I don't think he's coming back... sad noh???

ally said...


Hi! Actually I only said no to her Lainy's Musings' blog. I'll take over her 2 other blogs. Lainy is going to return as soon as she's well. Thanks for dropping by Bill! take care!!!