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Monday, October 12, 2009

Leptospirosis - caused by recent floodings

Leptospirosis has been the common illness that have kept the victims of the Typhoon Ondoy confined in the hospitals here in Manila and some other parts of Luzon. It's a water-borne decease which is caused by bacteria in animal urine that comes in contact with human skin, eyes, or nose. Since most of the victims have been soaked in the floods for days, they more likely get sick because of the flood bacteria.

I really feel sorry about my fellowmen. For sure they do not have enough money for the medication and the hospital bill. I hope they have low cost health insurance to help them pay the medical bills. But it would be much better if the Philippine government would help them.

The 2 typhoons - Ondoy and Pepeng have already left the country. Houses and livelihood have long been gone. Worst is lives have been at stake too. I hope the victims of the calamities can get through these. Help me pray for them.

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