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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's Hope For The Best...

I might stay at the office for a couple of days because of the storm. Employees at work were advised to bring extra clothes. I hope the company provide us free food again.

I might not be able to go online tomorrow. How I wish I have my own laptop that I can bring along with me so that I can go online whenever and wherever I want to. Anyways, I hope I can buy one sooner. A laptop with or without an external hard drive will do. As long as I can go online with it.

This storm is going to make things worse here in Luzon according to PAGASA. Everyone has been busy preparing for it. A lot of people have already been told to evacuate especially those who live in areas that are deemed to get flooded.

Let's still hope for the best, though. Take care everyone!

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