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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memory Gaps....

It was one of those stressful days at work when an old friend called me from behind my back. It was the end on my shift at work that time and I was on my way to the elevator. He was sitting at a corner of the lobby at the office with his friend. I didn't know what came to me but I realized I can't even remember his name. But I sure damn know this guy! I was smiling when I went towards him still thinking about what his name was!

And then I said, "Hi Rowell! What's up???". I was hoping I said the right name! Well guess what? It was incorrect! Shame on me! It was really embarrassing and since we knew each other during training at work and we have been friends, I got some spanking from him! He even messed my hair up! Hahaha! I deserve it anyway. Then I remembered he was Werick! I was all sorry to him about that and still get ashamed whenever I come across him at work.

I've been having problems with my memory lately. I wish I have a memory like that of a computer memory so I won't get myself in the same embarrassing situation!

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