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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Might spend new year's eve at Tarlac...

My little vacation at Tarlac was fun despite the continuous out pour of rain caused by typhoon Pepeng who still hasn't left the country. It was cold but I enjoyed playing with the kids indoors and being able to get to know Lowela's family was far more satisfying. I loved being there. They were very nice to me and it really felt like home there. I enjoyed the home-cooked food prepared by Lowela's sisters and I actually ate a lot during my stay. I think I would need weight loss supplements so I can get rid of the fats that had accumulated.

I think they liked me too because they asked me to come there often. Of course, I didn't decline the invitation. I might spend my new year's eve there if I won't get a chance to go back in my hometown.

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