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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Over The Top Award

I've got an Over The Top Award! Wow! This is nice! Nettagyrl of Zesty Nachos passed this on to me. How nice of her to give me this! This is much appreciated Nettagyrl! Thanks a lot!

Her blog is about her little life moments. She's got interesting articles, you know. Take a peek sometime and I'm sure you'll have fun reading her articles!

Now I want to pass this on to:

Bill of My Piece of Paradise
Anne of Little World of Fun
Honey of Honey's Inlove
Beth of A Woman Under God's Grace
Mize of Night Clicks

God bless everyone!!!


nettagyrl said...

Glad you like! Your blog is phenomenal and it is in my favorite color! Enjoy! =D

ally said...

hey! thanks nettagyrl!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena!
Thanks for your visit and comment. I´m glad you liked my template´s change. It took me a whole night to do it but I´m happy with the result.
Gosh, thanks for the award!
I haven´t even posted the previous award you gave me, shhh...
I will do a special post for both awards asap.
I´m happy you took over Lainy´s blog while she´s recovering. Now you have triple work :)
Send her hugs from me and get well wishes, will you?
Take care my friend,
Hugs xx Mizé.

ally said...

Hi Mize!

You're welcome and just take your time with the awards.

Will surely pass on your well wishes to Lainy! Thanks for taking time to comment. take care and God bless!