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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Water Bill Rant

Michelle, Lowela and I postponed the planned move to a different apartment. We still haven't found a place as good as what we have now yet. The only reason why we were about to move out is because we have an overpriced water bill. We really can't think of any reason why we have high water bill when we don't consume so much water. The sink which isn't that of stone sinks type doesn't leak, so with the other faucets in the apartment. We only do our laundry once a week and we don't drink from the faucets. Unless the landlady changes the pricing of the water bill, as soon as we get a good place to move at, we will definitely leave.

Well, personally, I don't want to leave because moving out is quite a hassle! Phew! I hope the landlady will be able to fix this.


NovaS said...

hopefully you guys, can find a better place soon....

Bill said...

I agree with you Ally is a big pain in the butt. We have to do it in January when we moved to our new house. Hopefully she will change her mind.