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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pepeng (Parma) - Another Typhoon Is Coming...

Typhoon Pepeng (international code Parma) was said to bring more rains and strong winds in Northern Luzon including Metro Manila on Saturday afternoon. Just a week from typhoon "Ondoy's" massive destruction. Some provinces are still flooded until now and here comes another one which was said to be stronger than "Ondoy".

"There is a big possibility that it will become a supertyphoon. This is a very strong storm, packing winds of 175 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 210 kph. Most likely it will make landfall in the afternoon of Saturday. That is when it is most critical," Nathaniel Cruz, PAGASA director for operations said in a press briefing.

Just like my friend Windy of Windmill on the Hill just said during our chat, "yah all hell is breaking loose."

He said I should run for the hills! Lol! How I wish there were hills to run to here in Makati.

I miss home! There's nothing like this back in the province.


Windy said...


Pepeng? or is it Peeping?

It floods swathes of land in the Philippines and densely populated areas because the Typhoon wants to peep at girls and women wading through its waters. Ya?


But seriously, we should start selling dinghies and small boats, even old rubber inflatable tyres.

Can make a good pile and you can buy your brand new Computer you've been dreaming about.

ally said...

hahahaha! you are so funny!!!

what a great idea you got! i better start making those tire boats then, huh??? lol!

Thanks for easing my worries Windy!

Naomi said...

hope it would change its course . . . and just stay on the ocean.

ally said...

I don't think that's going to happen Naomi. Let's continue hoping though... take care!

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ally said...

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Print Brochures said...

Oh goodness... this is terrible! Some places haven't even recovered from the flood from Ketsana yet. Let's just see to it that the people are prepared for this one. And of course, it won't hurt for us to pray harder.