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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Suspicious Boss

Work isn't fun anymore. Me and my team mates get along well. It's just that we're having some issues with our new supervisor. She's a newbie as a team leader. She's actually still under observation. We understand that she's having some problems when it comes to posting right updates of our scorecards. However, if she make mistakes, she doesn't admit that she's wrong or say sorry that she gave us incorrect details. She doesn't smile and seem like she doesn't care about us at all.

As a team leader, she should have people skills. Asking us how we are doing wouldn't be too hard to ask on the first hour of the shift, right? She never does that. Even when typhoon Ondoy happened, we never received any text message from her just to let us know she somehow cared if we're alive.

She doesn't even trust that we're doing our best on our job. She's suspicious and think that we're doing some foolishness at work. She's fond of threatening written warnings whenever we make errors. I just don't think we deserve this.

Our job is already stressful and she gets even with us. I'm already having little faith to get career advancement in this company under her supervision. Might as well seek for a company where I can find a boss who will treat me well. Sigh.

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