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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking Over OJTF and Kuerdas Blogs

Lainy and I agreed last night during our chat at YM that I will take over her 2 blogs- Our Journey To Forever and Kuerdas for the mean time. As I've mentioned on my previous post, she's gonna be a way for a while but she's coming back to blogging as soon as she gets well.

Lainy's Musings is gonna be handled by Uncle Che of The Novice Master, a friend of ours from Cameroon, Africa. Lainy actually asked me to also take charge of LM but I know that I won't be able to level with the content of the blog so I refused. Thank God Uncle Che said yes to Lainy's request. You're my savior Uncle Che!

To those who knew Lainy, please continue to support her blogs despite her absence. And to those who haven't visited her blog yet, you may also take a peek. I'll do my best to get you guys updated about her and as much as possible not get you bored!

See you all on Lainy's blogs! Take care everyone!!!


star said...

Wow, goodnews to all lainy's friends ally. Ako na nalu-oy kay lainy sa iyang situation, unta maayo na sya dayon kay ma miss gyud nako sya dire sa blogging although gakita mi pirme..kay sya man gud naga update sa akoa sa mga new dire. Grabe man gud kasipag si lainy..trabaho sa adlaw blogging pa sa gabie. Hope she get well soon.

ally said...

yep te! let's hope for the best! hehehe... take care po!