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Friday, October 9, 2009

What's causing my headache???

I was supposed to just update my blog and somehow post some photos from my trip yesterday when I learned from my cousin Lainy that she and our good friend Windy are going to take a break from blogging. Their health have deteriorated caused by being in front of the computer more than necessary. It's saddened me but their health should be prioritized.

Anyways, Lainy made a proposition with me to takeover her blogs while she's recuperating from her illness. Her blood pressure hasn't been normal because of the stress brought about by online chores. Her proposal is going to give me a rack mount of things to do. Aside from my 11-hours shift at work, I have to take care of a total of 5 blogs. I haven't really decided yet because I know for sure that it's going to be suicidal. Besides I don't write as good as her! Another problem is, I don't own a computer yet. That means I would have to buy my laptop ASAP! Arrrgggh! This is giving me a headache! Can anyone give me some aspirin??? Lol! Just kidding! Phew! This is gonna be tough.

1 comment:

Kia said...

Sounds brutal, good luck.