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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Internet Installation Rant...

When I went to pay for my internet bill last Monday, I prepared myself for another long wait. Since the internet and phone provider is located in Makati, most of the people seemed like they just got off from work like myself. Others for sure are rich people who have their netbooks with them. They were tapping on their laptops while waiting for their turn to pay. I was observing the people around me to pass the time when I was there.

The service is really different here in the Philippines when compared in the U.S. You have to wait long lines or queues and waste a lot of time just to get something that you need. You can't just do it over the phone which should have been convenient. When it's your turn to the cashier, you will then be told that there were incorrect information on your application and you need to go back on another business day to check if it was corrected.

Thankfully, on Monday when I checked my account, it was already set and I was able to make a payment. I was waiting this week for someone to install the phone and internet but to no avail. I called the customer service hotline and I was told that they have incorrect address again! I'm getting frustrated already because I really want my internet connected as soon as possible. Now I have to wait for next week for these technicians to install my internet and phone. What a waste! Sigh!

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