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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Michelle Is Back In Manila...

Michelle arrived back here in Manila last night after her 10-days vacation at our hometown. It was only this morning that we got the chance to talk since she was already sleeping when I got home from church last night.

She said she enjoyed her vacation so much. We talked mostly about her Mom's birthday party which was celebrated at their residence in Tupi, South Cotabato. Relatives came by and enjoyed the party and get-together. The sisters, including my mother had some kind of a reunion. Of course, my mom's wit and the sister's being naturally funny made the celebration enjoyable. I bet they all had a good time especially my dear cousin Michelle.

She told me that Lainy liked my gift for her. It was a perfume she wanted for her birthday. So I figured I buy her one.

Just listening to my cousin's vacation make me miss my Mom so much. I miss coming home and laughing with my cousins and spend sometime with my brothers. Hopefully I'd be home on mid January. I promise to spend it more time with my Mom on my next homecoming.


Business Plan Presentation said...

I love this perfume.

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Scotty's Princess said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful and expensive gift Bang, hehe!

So love it! Miss yah!


NovaS said...

oh what a sweet cousin you are....

ally said...

You're welcome te! glad u like it!