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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spending Time With My Best Friend...

I haven't seen my best friend Czarina for quite a while so I decided to spend my rest day with her. I went home after work to get my laptop and headed to her place yesterday.

She was doing her laundry when I arrived. She didn't want me to help her even when I insisted. We did sing along with her karaoke when she was done. And later went out to a bar nearby and watched an acoustic band play. I don't drink beer so she ordered coffee for me instead. Lol!

We came home late but we had fun nevertheless.

She skipped school today. Am I a bad influence? Oh no! It wasn't my idea.

When I woke up this morning, I decided to clean her quite messy closet.

Tadaaan! My accomplishment for the day! :)

Best friends for life!

We're gonna go and watch New Moon later. We're both fans of Stephanie Myers and we're actually excited to see the gorgeous bods of the "pack" in the Twilight saga. Jacob! Here we come!


NovaS said...

that is so nice.. i miss those days when i spend nights with my best friends house

ally said...

yep! best friends are real treasures! I'm lucky to have one! take care NovaS!

Nessa said...

Hi Ally! :)

I miss my best friend and she's so far away...

So kind of you to clean her closet. I love cleaning and tidying up things... sometimes a bit too much that it gets on people's nerves! LOL!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

ally said...

Hi Nessa! You're welcome!

I just felt her closet needed cleaning that time. Lol!

Thanks for visiting back! tc!