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Friday, November 27, 2009

Yahoooo! MyDSL Installed today!!!

I got my DSL installed today! I'm just so happy about this! Lol!

No more spending for internet cafes. No more waiting for my turn in the internet shop. Most of all, no more hassles just to go online!!! I can blog all day or all night long, whenever I want to!


Goodnight everyone! Happy Thanksgiving by the way to all Americans!


NovaS said...

and don't forget to earn more.. hehehe...

Mizé said...

Great move!
It´s totally different to be able to access Internet whenever we can.
I´m sure you´ll make good use of it just don´t lose hours of sleep like I do :)
Good week ahead, xx

ally said...


Yep! Will do! Thanks NovaS!



I get enough sleep when I had my internet connected Mize. Thanks for the advise my friend. Let's just hope I won't get too addicted on getting online though. Lol!

Take care!