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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He Survived The Car Accident

Jon, my cousin Michelle's fiance, met a car accident few months ago. He was on his way to fetching Michelle at work at around 4 in the morning. His friend was with him in the car. They came from a get-together with some friends the previous night.

While he was driving on the way to Michelle's office, he just realized that there was a speeding car on his side. He somehow panicked and pulled the stirring wheel to the side. His car bumped to an island. Good thing the card didn't turn upside down and there were no other car behind them. The car's bumper and lights on the front were wrecked. Jon and his friend wasn't badly hurt. They just got some little scratches but the experience was traumatic. His car doesn't have an auto insurance but his friend who owns a auto shop got his car fixed for free.

We were glad that he and his friend were able to survive that accident.

1 comment:

Mik said...

Glad to hear he is okay, not sure about the idea of driving around without insurance.