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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nostalgic - Missing Home...

I called my Mom yesterday. I was quite disappointed with the call because she seemed like she didn't want to be on the phone for a while. She's always like that. She's always in a hurry. She and my older brother, Alex, have a lot of things to do according to her. "Yeah right, Nay, we haven't talked for like a month because you keep on pressuring me on things that I can't accomplish for you yet". Of course I didn't tell her that. I just said, "Ok, take care". I haven't told her that I miss her very much. Sigh.

Why do I always get this guilt feeling of not being with her especially now that she's getting older? I'm supposed to be there with her since I'm the only daughter. I'm supposed to take care of her. I was thinking about asking her to live here with me in Manila but I know she wouldn't agree. She'll get bored here for sure.

My younger brother, Boyet told me that he's doing the best he can to find a job. Well I hope he soon will land on one. He's already got a family of his own and he's got tired of my Mom's nagging about his being jobless. I bet it's not only my Mom who nags about that. Poor bro! I have already asked him to go here in Manila so I can help him but I think he's not ready to be miles away from his family.

How come life gets complicated when we get older? Life is never easy, is it? Sigh. I just miss home, that's all.


Mizé said...

Oh Allena, I can relate to how you´re feeling...
I´m an only daughter too and my mother lives alone 300 Km from where I live. I also get these guilty feelings for not being there, specially now she´s turning 70 years old.
The difference is I talk to her on the phone almost every day and she enjoys talking to me. Maybe your mum is worried about other things.
Life can be tough but sometimes people make it harder than it already is...
Homesick isn´t easy, but you gotta do the best for yourself.
I´d like to thank you for the "get well" wishes for my daughter Miriam. She´s much better now TG!
I made a "Thank You" post and also published the Friendship Award you had passed me.
Hugs & Good Weekend

Bill said...

Hey Allena i have something for you at my site. Please swing by when you get the chance. Happy Holidays dear friend. :-)