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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Shoes Story...

Tomorrow is going to be our Year-End Thanksgiving at Church. I have bought a simple purple dress but haven't had a pair of shoes to match it yet. So off I went to buy at one of the Ayala malls here in Makati.

I started checking out the shoes on each rack in Land Mark. When I said "each rack" I wasn't exaggerating. I really did go through the isles of the shoe racks in that mall! Lol! But to my dismay, there's not a pair that matches the shoes I have in mind.

I continued my search on the next mall - the Glorrietta Mall. After entering and exiting different shoe shops in that mall, I came out of it still without a pair of shoes in hand.

Until finally I went to Shoe Mart (SM Mall) and there I found the perfect pair of shoes for my dress (err... that's after I also checked almost all of the shoe racks in that part of the mall, Whew!).

Gosh! The search was really exhausting! Hahaha! I really don't like shopping for a pair of shoes for dresses, honestly. But I have no choice! I have to get a pair of shoes for tomorrow! Thank God I found one! I almost gave up,actually.

Here's the pretty pair that I bought. I love it!
I also found a cool pair of rugged sneakers! Love it too!
Love them both!
:D Take care everyone!!! Happy holidays!!!


Scotty's Princess said...

Nice choices, Bang! I love the sneakers! Ipaukay mo sakin after 3 months, hehehe!

ally said...

toinks! hahahah! ukay ka jan! bleh!

czarina said...

wish i was with u when u bought that gat...nice otwo...hehehehe...miss u gat..lov u

YummY! said...

Glad you found the perfect shoes!