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Friday, January 8, 2010

Be Like Quelly...

Racquel, whom we visited last week doesn't only own an auto supply store but also has a jeepney business. She doesn't sell jeepneys. She just have a driver rent it and make rounds routing some parts of Quezon City. She and her husband make a good deal of money out of it. Yet my friend still prefer to be firm on handling their money. She's not the type who buys whatever and whenever she wanted even if she can afford to do so. We tease her sometimes as being close-fisted but she's really just don't want to put her money to waste. She prefer buying stuffs on sale. I bet she also found the cheapest car insurance for her jeepneys and cars they own.

I really look up to her when it comes to making decisions and being gumptious on handling her businesses. I hope someday I can also have my own business and be as industrious as Quelly. :D That's a long time to look forward to.

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