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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help For Haiti

January 12, 2010, just a week ago, the beautiful country of the Caribbean was hit by a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. We are all aware of the condition of the Haitians right now and a lot of us have done our part to help. Lots of donations are still coming to help the victims. Volunteers were also there to aid and even risk their lives to save people who are still trapped in the collapsed buildings. Many people were badly injured, a lot of lives were lost.

Hollywood stars pulled together to help. A lot of concerts were dedicated for Haiti. I was reading news about the concerts and I saw this video by Justin Timberlake singing "Hallelujah" which was originally sang by Leonard Cohen. His soulful version is so heartfelt that I want you all to hear.

Let's continue praying for the victims of Haiti earthquake.


Kirhat said...

Good thing that many bloggers like yourself are making it known to the world that more help is required in Haiti.

Seek No More

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