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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Ready To Move Out...

All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go...
Standing here outside your door....

I'm not "Leaving On A Jet Plane". I just got some lyrics of the song. I'm moving out tonight. Lowela and I started packing before midnight last night. It was tiring since we also have to clean the room and do some laundry. I think all is set and we're ready to go.

Michelle will not be moving with us in Pasay City. She got her own apartment in Pasig City which is near her workplace. She's getting married this year anyway so it's about time for her to get her own pad.

Pasay City is near Makati City, not too far from work but the apartment that we got is way cheaper. It will help us save some money.

Moving out is really tiring. When I get to the new apartment, my internet connection is not yet installed. What a pain! But I'll try my best to still update my blogs and do my daily EC drops.

Way to go to the new home! :D

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Krislinne said...

Hi.. just heard ur blog from a friend and i read your blog.., and I totally like people who have their own blogs,la lng, i dont even know why.. maybe because I have a blog of my own too, I deleted my old blog because of some reasons, this is my new blog,drop by sometime..ciao!! tc!