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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Need For A Second Job

As employees, the most exciting part of the job is payday. As soon as we get our salary most of us goes shopping for necessities, make budget out of the salary as much as possible enable to survive for the next pay out. It's more like a cycle, isn't it.

I have tried applying for part time jobs in the past while having an 8-hour shift. I realized I will compromise my health if I do that. I won't be able to handle too much stress if I have a second job anyway.

Good thing I blog because I was able to somehow profit from it. I was able to buy for my necessities and send some money to my mom. And since I moved to my new apartment, I was able to invest for appliances that we can use and buy some more necessary items for the house like mattresses, plastic knobs, closets, etc.

I don't need to tire myself for a second job since I already have one. Besides, blogging has already been my passion.

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