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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity - Movie Review

Just at home because of being sick. Good thing I bought DVD's so Wela and I could watch some nice movies that we missed on the theaters.

Earlier, we were watching Paranormal Activity. It was about a couple - Katie and Micah who's been living together for three years. Katie disclosed to Micah that she's been haunted by an entity since she was 8. The latter is kind of skeptical about it so he bought a video camera to film whatever this entity does to them. Katie talked with her psychic who deals with ghosts and was told that they should call a demonologist since the psychic cannot deal with the entity that is in their household. The stubborn Micah tried to fix it on his own until it got worst.

It was a different kind of scary movie. Wela and I watched it with the lights open because we don't want to get scared that much! Lol! It was great, really. And kind of realistic. See for yourself!!!


NovaS said...

was looking forward to download the movie...can't wait to see it..

anne said...

uhmm girl in theater it has different ending. My brother in law told me when I watched it in dvd.

ally said...


Yep! Get ready to get scared gurl! Lol! Enjoy!!


I heard it has 3 different ending,gurl. The one we watched was her hours of just sitting at the bedside and rocking herself. That picture above.

Scary pa rin,di ba?heheheh...

take care anne! glad to see you here again!