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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seen Too Much Garbage In Pasay...

Joanna and I jogged on Wednesday morning. We're not yet familiar with the streets here in Pasay so we did a little adventure.

We kept walking to find a park somewhere or a wide empty parking lot where we can do some stretching and jogging. It was around 5:30 in the morning but the streets are already busy. Bunch of people are on their way to work. And since there are lots of bus terminals in Pasay, we come across passengers who I think are on their way to their provinces.

Pasay have dirty sidewalks. It's disappointing to me because I didn't see too much garbage when I was making my rounds in Makati in the mornings. I think the government in Pasay must do something about the place.

Anyway, we found an empty parking space in the long run. We made a few rounds of walks and runs in the parking lot and went home. We have to deal with the mess on our way home.

I hope I can find a nearby park next week where we can do our exercises or else we'll turn to most effective diet pills. It's better than seeing too much garbage in the sidewalks.

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