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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stubborn and Voracious Me!

The previous month is the season when most of us loved to eat. Because of the occasions (i.e. Christmas and New year celebrations) we tend to eat a lot. Most of the people in the office actually gained weight. I, myself, isn't an exception. I stayed at Czarina's apartment most of my weekends and she cooked delicious meals. I couldn't help myself but eat. Lol!

Now I have to lose weight for my benefit. I was thinking about going to the gym but since my brother is going to move here on February, I have to watch my budget. So going to the gym won't be an option for now. I am browsing through some adipex reviews online to know more about the product. It's either that or try healthy dieting.

This is what I get for being stubborn and voracious. :D

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