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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week's To-Do-List

I'm thinking about things to do to not get me bored on my 6 days off from work. Since I actually don't plan to go out of town since money is tight these days, I might as well make some sort of to-do-list.
  • Prepare my stuff to get ready to move out.
  • Jog in the morning.
  • Finish my online assignments on time.
  • Download my favorite music from Torrent. Thanks to Jon for installing it on my laptop.
  • Maybe make a video of myself singing my versions of my favorite songs and have them uploaded to Youtube.
  • If I have the spare money, I might go to my dermatologist to have treatment for adult acne.
  • Might take a walk with my best friend Czarina at the Luneta Park. I haven't gone there yet.
How I wish I have money to get me out of here. I want to breathe the fresh air from a province nearby or enjoy the warm breeze at a beach resort. Sigh. I'll be home on March anyway. I'd better save me some money to enjoy my next vacation.

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