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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wendy Visited Rome!

A friend of mine, Wendy, is working as a babysitter in Denmark. She's been there for I think about a year now. She's quite an ambitious person and gutsy and very hardworking. I worked with her when I was in Pampanga and even was in the same house with her. We were great friends. We talked a lot about our lives and ambitions. She's the really gutsy type of person and I like that about her. She's not afraid of risks. She's very brave.

Last week, she spent 2 days in Rome. I sooo much envy her. She had fun in the beautiful place, maybe even smoked Avo cigars with friends. I wish I can also visit some beautiful places abroad. Well, I gotta have to do a lot of saving money for that! Or try to work abroad so I can save money and travel at the same time like Wendy. LOL! I am so envious, aren't I?

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