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Friday, January 15, 2010

You Have The Right To Remain Silent!!!

That's on my shirt! Lol! This post is not about the shirt,though... Just an update. :D

Shirt courtesy of Michelle and Jon...:)

After our long wait to get my ISP re-installment settled at PLDT yesterday, Czarina and I headed to the Ayala Land since I really wanted to watch the movie Sherlock Holmes. You can read the movie review here.

I first bought plane tickets for my homecoming on March since Cebu Pacific offered low rates yesterday, so I took advantage of it. I'm finally coming home this March!

We spent some of our time strolling on some nice spots at Greenbelt and Glorrieta since we have to wait for 3 hours before the movie. I was wanting to get a view of the solar eclipse, but haven't because of the high buildings surrounding Ayala Land. We settled to chatting with each other and took some pictures of ourselves.

After the movie, we bought some fruits at SM and headed home.

I love it when we spend this kind of bonding together. My best friend is going through a lot of difficulties lately but she still looked fine. That's what I like about her. My best friend is really tough! And I know that she can surpass all these difficulties that she's going through right now. I'm just here, Gat! How I wish I can be of bigger help, though. Sigh!


Scotty's Princess said...

Hala! Ang cute ng shirt Bang! Bilhan moko nyan, pasalubong! Hehehe!

ally said...

hahahah! try ko hanap! but i don't think i can find one like this. sabi kasi ni michelle last na to eh! hehehehe....