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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can't Wait To Be Back Home...

I was browsing Lainy's recent photos particularly the most recent family occasion which is our cousin's wedding. A lot of relatives came except me and Michelle. My Mom out stood everyone in the occasion. She's actually shining and shimmering because she wore gold! LOL! If I would have known, I should have given her an advice on what to wear. She looks pretty in gold though! :D

The bride and groom with Aunts

My Mom gained weight. She's really stubborn when it comes to her diet. Whenever I remind her about her diet, she will just say that she can't help her appetite. She really love to eat. She might end up doing cholesterol medications if she won't discipline herself. Sigh. I'm supposed to be there with her so that I can help her watch her diet.

I'm coming home soon, Nay!

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