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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Internet Rant...

I'm back to internet cafes! Sigh!

I went to PLDT business center yesterday to follow up on my DSL and phone transfer. Its been weeks since I've asked them about the transfer of service to the new apartment. I have waited for more than 2 weeks now but no technician showed up. Customer service representatives over the phone told me different alibis.

So I decided to go to their business office to see what's actually going on. Only to find out that my request wasn't processed! You can just imagine how frustrated I was when I was talking to the lady on the desk. She was all apologetic but her apologies can't hide the fact that they have very poor customer service. Why did none of those people I spoke with over the phone told me what really happened to my request? They just told me that it was still being processed when nothing was actually done! She told me she had the issue escalated to their boss and that she's going to get it processed personally. I told her that's the same thing the first woman who worked on my request told me! I was really irritated yesterday! I somehow controlled my temper because the represented I was talking to was pregnant. I think she's kind but I was just annoyed with what happened. I think she understood my frustration. I just hope my DSL and phone installation gets done ASAP!

Meanwhile I'll make use of this internet cafe which is a few blocks away from the apartment. My Globe Tattoo is too slow. Most of the time it doesn't connect. Longer SIGH!

I apologize for this post. I'm just agitated for not being online often in the convenience of my home. I also apologize to those EC droppers whom I haven't visited back. I'll try to make it up to you guys!

Take care ya'll!!!

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