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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Apartment, New Roommate...

I haven't done too much on my off but to do some household chores in the new apartment. It's actually just a studio type room which doesn't have floor tiles yet. It's pretty much simple. I took advantage of it because of the cheap rent. I didn't even worry about advance payments when we got the room. It will definitely help me save some extra cash.

My roommate is Joanna who's also my colleague. She's years younger than I am. I actually got myself a younger sister! Lol! She used to go home everyday to a nearby province, Bulacan - which is a 2-hour ride to and from work. It's tiring and costly for her. So I invited her as soon as I planned to move to the new apartment. She gladly took my invitation. Lowela lives in the same apartment but she's on a different room with her friend.

Most of the time the place is quiet especially when the ladies on the next room aren't around. They're not Lowela and her friend. Their a bunch of bully-looking conceited ladies. Good thing their not home a lot because it makes mine and Joanna's lives worthwhile! LOL!

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