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Friday, February 12, 2010

Supportive Sister?:D

My brother still hasn't decided on what career path to take. I was just waiting for him to decide whether he wanted to come and work here in Manila. He told me that the oath taking for passing the Nursing Board Exam is going to happen on March 14 this year. I was glad he told me about the date already. I'm gonna be there when he take his oath as a Nurse then!

If I were to asked, I'd rather have my brother practice his profession or get some kind of healthcare jobs. Any job that's in line with his profession. He worked so hard to become a Registered Nurse. I don't want him to put all that he learned in school to waste by just working in a call center.

But it's his decision that's going to prevail. Whatever he wanted to do, I'm just here to support him. :D

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