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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Bum For A Day...:D

There are things that I need to do today but I don't feel like doing them. Like doing my laundry, buy some groceries, go to the bank. Sigh. Just a lot of things that I need to accomplish. I feel lazy and I want to be a bum for a day. :D I would have finished doing my chores outside if I have my own car which at least has cheap auto insurance to help me accomplish my tasks for the day. Nah! Just a thought. I still might do them later anyways if I get bored.

I think I need a break after 4 days of getting stressed out at work. Stress is manifesting all over my face now. I'm talking about pimples - and I hate them! I'm getting all the more anxious! I better get enough sleep and try not to get overly stressed out.

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