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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Discuss Home Building With Mom...

I still haven't had the chance to check out the piece of land that my Mom bought for me and her. The lot were she wanted us to build a house at. We haven't even discussed the design for the house, haven't decided if we still have to put exterior shutters to make it look nice. I haven't spoken to her after her birthday party because I went with my friend. We left for Marbel in the evening.

We will be talking about it later if we don't quarrel. I'll go home to her so that we can make final decisions about the house. We have to talk about finances which I think she will be so cautious about. That's my problem with her ever since I was in school. It was so hard for her to spend money even if it's beneficial for her. I bet we'll argue a lot about it later tonight. Well, what's new? It wouldn't be normal if we don't fight. :D

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