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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I'm home, finally!

I arrived at the Tambler Airport yesterday at around 2 in the afternoon. Few minutes later, Ate Nimfa and Mark came to fetch me. It's a nice feeling to be back in my hometown. It was too humid yesterday, which is the normal temperature in GenSan. I was glad chitchatting with Ate Nimfa and Mark in the car.

We went straight to Lainy's home since I don't know were to look for my Mom, as usual. :D She doesn't have a phone becuase she don't want to learn how to use it. So I have to ask several people yet my Mom's whereabouts because I don't want to go to our house and find out that she's not there.

I stayed at Lainy's house a few hours. Chatted with Jayson and my brother, Florante. I had the chance to play with their cute puppy, Ewoks. He's really adorable by the way. I'll be posting some pics with him sometime. Lainy and Aunt Rose were still at work.

I went home when our neighbor texted me that my Mom is at home already. That was about 30 minutes ride from GenSan. I'm just so happy to be back home.

I'm doing this blog while waiting for my Mom to get ready since we're leaving for GenSan. My wait will take a while because my Mom does a lot of chores before leaving the house. Sigh. She hasn't changed a bit. :D

I love it here! The air is fresh and not humid at all. It's because our house is surrounded with plants. I call our front yard "mini-forest". LOL!

Here are some photos of our home and the mini forest.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

i like the mini-forest in there Ally! oh... i can tolerate the heat as long as there are fresh plants around minus the mosquitoes!

have fun while home! :)

ally said...

hahaha! you know how it is with plants all over the house. It's always festered with mosquitoes! that's the bad thing about the mini forest.

thanks for dropping by sis! take care!