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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homecoming Treats...

I bought my Mom a digital camera since it was what she requested as a gift for her birthday. I just hope she'd be able to learn how to use it. Her cellphone is actually useless for her since she doesn't know how to call nor send text messages. I better be patient in teaching her how to use the new digital camera then.

I bought my younger brother a new cellphone. He told me that his phone is already damaged by his baby boy. The phone will be his gift for passing the Nursing Board Exam. I hope he'll like it. He won't need a cell phone repeater since he won't have problems with phone signal in our province.

I didn't have time and enough money to buy as "pasalubong" (homecoming treats) for Lainy and her siblings. I'll make it up to them next time. They would understand. :D

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