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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Mom's 63rd Birthday...

I haven't been online because of the outages going on around here. Although I went to some places to visit friends. And when I'm home, we don't have internet connection and my broadband tattoo doesn't have connection at home either. So I needed stay at Lainy's house to get connected to the internet.

Anyway, let me update you with how my Mom's birthday party turned out. It went well. On March 13th, I bought her a birthday cake for her 63rd birthday. Aunt Rose grilled fish for her and my cousin Jay Son made "fish kinilaw" for our lunch which I really liked!

Me and my Mom went to buy her outfit after wards for my brother's oath-taking which was held the next day. It was the same day that we all agreed to celebrate for her birthday.

We went to the mall. We bickered a lot like we used to do. We spent hours just finding the best outfit for her. It was really exhausting. I even lost her in the mall. Since she doesn't have a phone because she doesn't know how to use one, I have to ask at the paging counter to call her name out loud in the mall. I don't know. Most of the time, I can't stand my Mom's attitude. She's so noisy, I'm not. I'm the kind who wanted a calm and peaceful environment, she's not. Sigh. She always have something bad to say about things and people, worries a lot, quarrels almost all the people around her even her sisters and us - her children. She's tactless. She doesn't mind if she hurts someone else's feelings. She don't want to be reprimanded because she thinks she's right. Sigh. I have no choice. She's my Mom. I can't do anything about it.

Anyway, we were able to buy her outfit. She looked pretty on it. I was the one who did her make up. The oath-taking took place from 7am til 12 noon of March 14. It was the same day that Manny Pacquiao fought with Joshua Clottey so we expected that our visitors will not come on time. They have to watch the fight first. It was partly a late "lunch out" at Grab A Crab. It was Lainy who suggested the place. The place was nice and cozy and the food was great!

My Mom's sisters and some relatives were the ones who came and celebrated with us. I had fun chatting with my Aunts and cousins and my adorable nephew and nieces.

I'm not exactly sure though if my Mom had a good time back then. I hope she did.

Happy birthday Nanay! I love you and I will always go home to you despite our differences! I hope I can make you proud and happy some day.


Auntie E said...

Mothers can be that away, However in the end they are our mothers, glad you celebrated together. hold her dear for the time you have her. Congrats to your brother on his Nursing career.

""rare*jonRez"" said...


Gwapa kaayo imong Nanay sa iyang outfit! Liwat man diay ka sa imong Nanay no? With the looks, yeah, but as I understood it, u have the opposite in attitudes. Hehehe....

Happy birthday sa imong Nanay, dungan sila sa akong Ate ba. Congrats dayon sa imong brother! Have some more fun!

ally said...

@Auntie E,

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Take care!



Hi sis! hehehe... liwat jud diay mi? thanks for dropping sis! ingat lagi!!! God bless!