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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Night With My Ex...

I went out with my friend Den2x last week in Koronadal City which is about an hour ride from General Santos City. We left GenSan after my Mom's birthday bash at Grab-A-Crab. My purpose of going there was to get my yearbook at our Alma Mater - Notre Dame of Marbel University. It has already been more than five years since I set my foot at the University. I was excited by then.

What added to my excitement was an invitation to meet up with my ex-boyfriend, Maynard. I'm not at all into him since both of us already have different priorities. It was Den2x, him and I who were best friends back in college. It's our first time to see each other again for more than five years. I also know for a fact that the meeting won't bring up the old flame since Maynard is in love with his current girlfriend.

Anyway, when we were on our way to meeting up with him, I was kind of anxious about how I looked! LOL! I got tiny pimples all over my face. I thought to myself, I should have taken some of those acne pills if I should have known! :D

I was expecting the same old Maynard who's cocky and a drunkard! Well, I actually was surprised with how matured he have become. His life as a seaman might have taught him to become a real man! LOL! I'm really impressed!

All three of us had fun chatting. He brought us back to places that had good memories of our college days. The past that was brought up was just the friendship we had. We even did not bother to mention our "past" which is better. I am just happy of what he turned out into. I hope he would become even more successful and be happily married to the love of his life.

We're friends although I wonder why we both didn't exchange numbers at all! LOL! We are sending messages with each other through Den2x. It's better that way, I guess. :D


bingkee said...

U still love him? He probably didn't mention exchanging numbers and u also didn't have a chance, because you were never meant to be for each other...Daghan pang lalaki na mas bagay ug maayo para sa imo Al.

Do u live in GSC? Daghan ko miga diha.

ally said...


Yeah, it's better not to talk about the past coz it might complicate the present. :D

I bet you and your ex are also good friends.

Take care!



I don't think I still love him but I was in love with him before! :D

Mao jud te... Unta lang mka meet ug Mr. Right!

I actually live in Polomolok,South Cotabato. It's just few minutes ride from GenSan. I always spend more time in GenSan whenever I go home, though. My cousin LAINY of Lainy's Musings live there.

Kinsa imong amiga sa GenSan?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

it must have felt a bit awkward at first, but reading from your words what took place when you met him, it's good to know that there's still friendship that abounds. kataw-anan baya ning past nato no basta regarding ex na gani! i still chat with my ex(es) until now, but my hubby knows about it. friends man japon mi pero wala nay feelings from the past nga ginaapil lagi sa topic. puro present na jud. LOL

vacation over na diay ang show! back to work na pud. i can only wish for strength and good health for you Ally! take carE!

ally said...


Hi sis!yes, i felt awkward at first pero naging smooth sailing naman kadugayan.

Back to reality nasad lagi... Thanks for taking time to read my post sis!! ingat lagi! God bless!

Lisa said...

nice one... kung ako siguro ambot lang, snob pa gihapon.. hehe