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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanks So Much Dear Cuz!

Lainy was sooo busy when I was back in GenSan. Until now, she's in charge in facilitating the training for the upcoming election. She actually lives in the hotel for weeks now just to make sure that the training is going to run as smoothly as possible.

I was really flattered because despite her very busy schedule at work, she still was able to take time to bond with me. You really love me, Te, don't you? LOL!

She helped out with planning for my Mom's birthday bash. She was the one who suggested Grab-A-Crab as the venue for the celebration. We were able to chat at one of the nicest coffee shops in town.

As busy as she can be, she still had time to play badminton, her new sport! I played with her one time and had fun with friends. I was able to somehow exercise but I'm still fat! LOL! I think I have to resort to xenadrine rfa x to lose weight fast!

I also was able to play with co-bloggers - Ate Vilma and Lolli. I had fun!

Lainy was also there to cheer when I jammed with Kuerdas Band! One of my most awaited part of my vacation is to be able to sing with Kuerdas again!

What was missing on that vacation was an out-of-town getaway to Davao with family friends! That's not possible since Lainy can't take a time off at work. Her presence is badly needed there! :D

I really didn't have enough bonding time with Lainy during my vacation. But since she's going to be on leave this coming June, she's actually going away with Ate Vilma to tour some other places in Asia without me, I am expecting her to drop by here in Manila before their flight abroad.

I am so looking forward to that, Ate! See you soon!!!


bingkee said...

I hope when I can visit GSC, I can meet up with you and ur cuz, Lainy. Oh di ba....?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

sweet lainy indeed! laag diay sila karong june ha. how nice!

Windy said...


Here's one for you....


ally said...


Hi Te Bing! Sure po! Just let us know when you will visit...



Yes Sis! Unfortunately di ako kasama... kainis! :D

Happy Birthday! Thanks for dropping by.



Hi Windy! Thanks for dropping by! I enjoyed reading ur post! Ate V for sure is ecstatic if she learns that you made a post about her.

Take care! God bless!

Mizé said...

Hi Allena,
It´s cool to see you both had fun together...keeping the family/friendship bonds despite busy schedules.
Passing by to keep in touch and wish you a awesome weekend :)
Lately it´s been hectic here on my end.

Scotty's Princess said...

Ang sweet sweet naman neto, Bang. I am deeply touched. Thanks! :-)

Too bad we weren't able to have that get-away at Davao. Sayang talaga! Kulang kasi ang bakasyon mo. Next time do stretch it to a month, OK? ;-)

ally said...


Hi my friend! Thanks for dropping by! It's been a while my friend! I hope you have a great week ahead! Take care!!!


@Scotty's Princess,

Toinks! that will happen pag nagkasakit ulit ako te para LOA ng 1month, heheheh.... pagdating mo na lang dito tau laag!

miss u!

lira said...

love the closeness within the family...keep it up guys. gimingaw na nuon ko sa akong mga kafatid.

ally said...


Thanks po! Sige lang, hapit naman ka muuli... You'll get reunited with them soon!