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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tyranny at Work

I was back to work today. I felt groggy and really sleepy because of lack of sleep for 2 days in GenSan. When I arrived on my apartment yesterday, I still have to clean the room and put my stuffs back in my closet. I went to church last night so that meant I didn't have enough sleep before going to work. I felt like I got a hangover from my vacation.

My first call at work was a disaster. It was one of those unfortunate calls where the customer is so ready to take his anger out on you because of unsatisfactory service. Even if it wasn't your fault that they're having issues, they won't even accept your apology. LOL! Some people are just so hard to please even if you try to explain to them how the process works. Sigh! I'm just glad I won't have to deal with them face to face. I'm still lucky, aren't I? :D

My colleagues and I were a bit tensed because of some issues at work. A lot of our team mates were suspended because of breaking some house rules according to our boss who doesn't have enough proof that they really did something wrong. Those that are left in the team are getting paranoid of getting kicked out of work. I just hope it won't happen anymore. Or else we will be finding other ways to fix it, or end up finding job from a different company.

I'm already getting discouraged on what's going on at work. I won't have career growth if my own supervisor doesn't trust me on my job and will continue to pull me down. She has become a tyrant, more than willing to use her power to destroy the people who doesn't like her. Yeah, I know I am biased. It's just not right. My friends who work so hard were treated like thieves. Their badges were taken from them and they were also not allowed on the company premises. I hope my friends will win this case though.

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