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Monday, March 29, 2010

Update That Resume!!!

Things are getting really rough at work. It feels like there are a lot of negative vibes in there. My room mate, Joanna already resigned yesterday. Most of our team mates were saddened by her decision but not me. In fact, I'm impressed in how she could make up her mind that easily and quickly. She didn't think twice about resigning at all.

I'm happy for her because she's free of the stress and negativity now. Of course, she's gotten herself into something which I'm not ready to discuss in this blog yet. But she's in a better situation. I wish I could make decisions as quickly as she did. I don't know why, but I have that greater urge within me that's thinking about resigning too. I just have to find a new job that will compensate me better. I can't just loose my job without anywhere else to go yet. I have bills to pay and my stomach to fill. I won't be able to process a loan for the house that my Mom was planning if I'm jobless. Even websites like will decline my application if they learn that I'm unemployed.

I better get ready with my resume. I haven't updated it yet. That's the problem with me. I am so stubborn when it comes to doing paper works. I better make up my mind or get stuck with an incompetent boss and not have career growth at all.

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