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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been getting worried about the pimples all over my face. It has gotten worst, I guess. Before I went home back to our province for vacation, I really thought their going to heal. I have done everything like facial treatments but it's all in vain. It has worsen when I was in GenSan since it's too hot and dusty in that place.

My cousin Lainy have already suggested a set of facial products to help me out. My pimples were that evident since everyone seemed to notice. I'm just sick and tired of people asking me "What happened to your face?". Makes me even more anxious.

I'm still being patient with the facial products I'm using. Still waiting for the effect. I read accutane reviews and might get one for myself if the products I'm using right now are not going to work. Sigh! Call it vanity. Who doesn't want to look pretty, anyway?

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