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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Visit To My Alma Mater

I had the chance to set foot on my Alma Mater - Notre Dame of Marbel University during my recent homecoming. It was fun! And it brought back great memories during my college days. There were changes, like new buildings, staffs, school administrators and of course unfamiliar faces. I've seen old friends too but just a few of them. My friend Denden was the one who accompanied me. Our purpose was to get our yearbook.

Denden and I were friends since college. We're always mistaken as twins or siblings since we became friends. A lot of people say we look identical. Well, all I know is both of us look pretty, I could just agree to that! LOL!

Here are some of the photos taken during our visit at the university:

Getting our receipt for the yearbook

It's a catholic school. That's one of their saints...

Obviously, I'm an Alumni..:D

That's Denden...

I had so much fun during the visit! Memories kept flashing back when I was there. Most of my college friends were already married. I haven't seen them since they have to take care of their babies. Yeah, my timing wasn't right. I hope to see them on my next visit.

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