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Monday, March 8, 2010

Worried For My Mom's Safety

Me and my Mom talked a lot about recent happenings in our lives. Since my Mom is more talkative than I am, she's got more stories to tell. It's actually more about the crazy things she did with my relatives and the fight she had with our farm tenant. The latter is claiming ownership of our farm and my Mom won't let go of the land, of course. I'm just quite scared for her since the tenant is already threatening to harm her every time she comes to the farm. Even my cousins and uncles who goes with her gets frightened because of the situation. They're scared for lives, of course. They haven't known about term life insurance quote online yet. They still have their own family to think about. But my Mom will definitely fight for her land. I just hope and pray that nothing bad will happen. Sigh. Now she really gets me worried.

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