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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Came Across Another MLM Scheme...

My friends and I went to Enterprise Building along Ayala Avenue yesterday after an exhausting day at work. We went to see the part time job that our friend suggested. We all thought that it was an online job only to find out that it's a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.

MLM is really good if you focus on it. I have been through this kind of invitations before and because of past experiences, I did not sign up on the next invitations. Now I've come across one of these opportunities again. I'm really not sure if I can say YES to this one. Here are the reasons why I'm having second thoughts:
  1. I don't have the money to invest for it.
  2. I need to have enough time to learn the product and must go through trainings to be able to sell the products and encourage people to join. With my 11-hours schedule at work, I don't think I can do this.
  3. I must give my 100% commitment and have determination in order to embrace the vision of the company if I want to succeed.
The company is called USANA. It's an international company and the products they sell are really good products. They've got vitamins and minerals. They have supplements for liver and heart and any other supplements that's essential for healthy living.

The business side and how to earn in the company was also presented to us yesterday and it's really convincing. Besides, I really want to use the products because they seem effective. The one who invited us, Jeremy, told us how he was able to lose weight when he used one of the products. He even showed before and after pictures of himself. Yeah, he really did lose so much weight. If I were his buddy, I would have suggested for him to go to the gym or take best muscle supplements because he doesn't look macho to me at all! But he's cute! :D

Nah! I better give myself time to think about it. I don't want to invest into something that I can't give my 100% commitment. It will take a lot of time to do that because I also need to save money for it. Sigh!

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